Building your Brand 

Telling Your Stories 

Keeping it Personal

Smart and strong, lean and powerful – Nilmot cuts a dash in the world of PR. Specialising in the sports and wellness industry, it understands what it takes to feed a healthy, growing business. Building brands from the inside out, its unique combination of sports and journalistic expertise provides the rich mix of ingredients to meet the needs of this vibrant new niche sector.

Understated and stylish, Nilmot has what sports and wellness companies need to tell the world. From corporate social responsibility to your latest financial triumph, its sports and health journalists tell your stories effortlessly, and deliver them directly to the people who set the agenda.

Nilmot understands that it’s the individual who wins the race. With the business of health at its core, Nilmot is about understanding what makes your company tick.



"For people with colour and of colour"